Friday, September 30, 2016

The Ultimate Baby Gate

All you mamas and mamas-to-be listen up!

There is this thing that happens to your house when you’ve got a new baby in your life. Its called EVERYTHING IS DANGEROUS.

When Mr. Brem started crawling around and pulling himself up on things it was like I could hear slasher music every time he got close to anything. There are SO MANY CORNERS! I mean, I knew I needed to get rid of my cacti and other plant friends that lived close to the grasp of the boy wonder but the more mobile he gets the more things are carted off to the storage unit.

Naturally, as the baby proofing gets more severe I become way more educated on what is worth the $$ and what isn’t.


At the top of my list was a baby gate. We don’t have stairs so I didn’t feel the need to DIY a permanent one, I just need to keep the kid contained a little bit better. The problem that I was running into was that like most baby gear, companies think that it has to look like a baby would LOVE it.

Newsflash. Babies don’t care if the gate has cartoon jungle animals on it, but you know who does care?



Luckily for all of us design conscious baby bearers Munchkin has some killer gates that are modern, sleek and completely inoffensive to my decor style.


The Vibe gate in Ice was right up my alley and I am 100% ecstatic about it!

The Vibe gate comes completely assembled, all you have to do is take it out of the package, and possibly (and very easily) add an extender (we’re talking less than 15 seconds here). You can find them at Target and on 

I’m not going to lie, when I took the gate out of the package I thought there was something wonky about it because one side leaned out a little bit and the door was no where close to latching closed. This was before I pulled out the instructions and learned that not only is it supposed to be like that, but that is one of the things that makes it the most secure.


Its called Pressure Mount and as soon as the gate is installed correctly the door will latch and you’re good to go. You use a Turnkey to tighten the pressure by adjusting screws. My only complaint is that I wish there was some secret compartment on the gate to tuck the Turnkey into so that it doesn’t get lost (because lets be honest, this is ME and I lose 90% of things that I’m not supposed to.)


I will say that this isn’t a gate that you will want to pick up and move from space to space, it takes a little longer to install than a basic quick gate style, but it seems like its a good long term option for places that will need a baby gate for the semi distant future. You don’t have to permanently install it (though you can if you choose to) but its so secure against the door frame that you can definitely leave it up for as long as you need.

This may seem obvious but aside from the smokin’ good looks, my favorite feature is the door. You guys. There is nothing worse than trying to hurdle jump over the top of a baby gate with a basket of laundry in one hand and a screaming kiddo in the other. The door is magical. It’s like the doorway into Mommy Narnia.


The door material is made out of heavy duty fabric mesh. Its soft and has enough of a give to it that little noses smushed against it don’t hurt. The whole construction of the gate is heavy duty and I have no doubt that it will last for years to come.


Also, I don’t know what it is about striped baby jammies but they make me want to sing “Magic Dance” and throw the kid around Bowie style.

If you are in the market for a good looking and safe baby gate, look no further, the Vibe gets 2 thumbs up! Now only if they made gates to corral my laundry…

Huge thank you to Munchkin for teaming up with me on this post, and of course a huge thank you to you for supporting the sponsors that help this little corner of the internet stay alive! If you like this gate and are looking to secure one for your home they’re available at Target and 

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