Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Parable of The Accessory Plant

I’ve recently become obsessed with plants. That’s not to say that I haven’t always really liked plants, but a conversation this summer changed the way I saw them. A few months ago I had my friend Shane from Moss and Timber (if you’re local to So. Utah you MUST check it out!!) come by the Merc and check out the window lighting. I knew I was going to invest pretty heavily in some large plants and wanted to make sure that I was getting the right kind for each place. I’ve always heard about how important the right lighting conditions are, but never really cared all that much.

Maybe that is why they always died?


Rubber Plant | Vintage Revivals

Over the last few months I’ve collected quite a few. My favorite one being a tall rubber plant that I put right in front of our north facing window. Almost immediately it sprouted new growth, and hasn’t slowed (16 new leaves and still going strong!) It makes me feel like a freaking rockstar, even though I’ve done nothing differently. I was in Moss and Timber bragging to Shane about it and he said something I’ll never forget. “Plants can either be an accessory or a friend. If you treat them like an accent piece they probably wont survive, but if you treat them like a friend, chances are you’ll have a lifelong companion.” WUUUUUT. Once that little phrase was shared it was like one of those moments in a movie where all of your past comes rushing back and I could see plant after plant that had mercilessly suffered at my hands because it was more important to have it styled in a place where I wanted, than to give it a home where it needed to be.

I’m such a jerk! RIP little buddies!

Rubber Plant New Growth | Vintage Revivals

Shifting gears (don’t worry this will all come back around!)

I don’t know if you’ve noticed (I feel like its been impossible not to) but this summer I’ve taken a little bit of a step back. If I am being completely honest, this summer has been an extra rough one.  It started when school got out out with a giant slap in the face. I realized that Ivie, my oldest, is now in actual high school. Like not middle school pretending to be high school. Like high school, high school. When the crap did that happen?! I REMEMBER high school. Vividly. And the craziest part is that the second that I realized that, the stupid film strip started playing again (clearly I LOVE a good video montage) But it was like she was already gone. Driving, graduation, gone forever. I bawled like a baby.

Is this a normal way to feel when your oldest goes to high school? I think I’m in some sort of mourning.

This realization forced me to stop and see life with my eyes wide open. Guys, I know we’ve chatted about it before, but the renovation at the Merc has been way more difficult than I thought it would be. I didnt anticipate the emotional burn out, in fact I still have a hard time wrapping my head around it. HOW DID I NOT REALIZE IT!? It’s not like its perfectly documented on every episode of HGTV and my personal fave, Grand Designs.  Emotional breakdowns are a thing. I keep coming back in my mind to a post that I wrote when I was in the thick of the Nugget renovation. (If you’re new, The Nugget is a the cutest little vintage trailer that we overhauled a few summers ago. You can see it here.) I remember vividly writing this post about expectations and reality and how in my mind I should exempt from the painful process because I’m a “professional”.

And yet. Here we are. Me. Learning this lesson once again. Dammit!!

There is so much work to do in the Merc, and even more to still write about. I’ve got so many good things and tutorials to share, but I just haven’t found the words. I just wanted to be a mom this summer. I’ve been living in this space, where its like I almost can’t breathe because there is just so much weight. So I half-intentionally took a break. Truthfully, in retrospect I wish it had been a bolder step back, but with life you can’t really hang a sign on your door that says “Be Back When I’m Done Emotionally Spiraling! Thanks -Management”

So I’ve been limping along and like all of my accessory plants, dropping leaves at the slightest breeze. (See I told you it would come back around!) Frustrated that I’m not in full bloom all day every day. But its not really about that is it? When we’ve got a plant that is struggling and dropping leaves we don’t just give up on it and say “Well, doesn’t that suck. You should’ve tried harder in this dark room to create your own light and water and thus photosynthesize from sheer willpower. Freaking failure!”

NO!! So why the heck am I (and maybe you to? I cant be the only one in this place!) saying that to myself!??!

Instead, I’m adjusting and finding my spot in a new window. I’m pivoting a little with the direction of the blog (I think you’re going to love it!!) and most importantly, I am learning.

So here is to celebrating new growth, even if it’s just the tiniest bud beginning to sprout!

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Meet The Place for Your Perfect Antique Door Knobs

Finding cool door hardware isn’t hard, especially if you like clean modern designs, but what if you want something that is positively vintage? Finding antique door knobs (or replicas for a fraction of the price!) is something that can be tricky. Most of your normal door hardware companies don’t hit the vintage door knob out of the park, but I found one that totally does!

Dark green door with black casing and antique brass door knob and hardware. This post has great sources for vintage style hardware!!

Obviously being the most special building in the entire world, the Merc couldn’t have just normal hardware. I mean the doors themselves were such a statement, I needed something that was the perfect companion for them. My search came to an abrupt end when I fell down the design rabbit hole that is Nostalgic Hardware with their massive combinations of vintage style door knobs and backplates. If you can dream it, chances are they’ve got it. I couldn’t have found a better partner for this important design decision at the Merc.

Each door knob can be configured to reach your anticipated antique level. They have hundreds of combinations, from the long simple New York backplate (the one we went with!) to the heavily detailed Egg and Dart plate. They have got so many options, and then you throw in the knob selection and your mind sort of explodes. Precision cut crystal, smooth porcelain, and perfectly finished metals make up almost 30 knob options. Imagine the possibilities folks!!

Antique Door Knobs with long backplate and oval knobs. This post is a great source for vintage style door hardware!

Antique Nickel Door Knobs

For all of the interior doors (and after loads of back and forth) I finally chose the New York Plate and oval Homestead doorknob in Antique Nickel.  Though the Studio plate in Antique Nickel and Black Porcelain knob, and New York plate and knob in Unlacqured Brass were some seriously stiff competition. Which one would you have chosen?!

Vintage pewter door knobs on black interior door. Great sources in this blog post for antique style door knobs!

Vintage pewter door knobs on black interior door. Great sources in this blog post for antique style door knobs!

Antique Brass Door Knobs

We ran into a challenge with our front doors. If you remember, we bought them from an antique store and gave them a serious makeover (if you havent seen the before, you’re in for a treat!) One of the updates we made was filling in the old mortise locks. That made it so we could easily use standard knobs. Welllllllll that would have been great and good, except our door thickness (2″) is thicker than standard doors, so it presented a little bit of a problem. FORTUNATELY Nostalgic Hardware has a sister company called Grandeur Hardware that specializes in this exact scenario.

Dark green door with black casing and vintage brass door knob and hardware. This post has great sources for antique style hardware!!

Something that was really important to me was matching the original letter slots. So instead of going with Antique Nickel like our interior doors, I chose Vintage Brass. It was one of those things that I went back and forth on (gosh isn’t there so much of that in a renovation!??!) but ultimately the brass won because I just couldnt give up on the original mail slot.

Dark green door with black casing and vintage brass door knob and hardware. This post has great sources for antique style hardware!!

The knob I chose is a sectional set, which means that the knob and deadbolt are separated.  They are in the Fifth Avenue collection, so the backplate style is the same as Nostalgic’s New York Collection. One thing that is SUPER important to note is that Grandeur’s sets are made from solid forged brass, they aren’t plated. They have a few different handle styles, I chose the C handle. Its simple and vintage and absolutely perfect for the Merc.

Dark green door with black casing and vintage brass door knob and hardware. This post has great sources for antique style hardware!!

Having installed many a door knob in my days, I will say that these were a little bit trickier to install than the basic ones from Home Depot. But the instructions are clear and easy to follow, they just aren’t a plug in 2 screws and you’re done kind of knob.

I think the feel of the knob is a big deal. You know when you’re grabbing something that is solid, and when you’re grabbing something that is hollow. These knobs feel substantial, especially the exterior ones.

Dark green door with black casing and vintage brass hardware. Great Sources for antique style hardware!!

Doorknobs (and doors!) are one of those things that are easy to overlook, but a simple step outside the basic style will pay off 10 fold when it comes to making your home feel custom and special. Whatever style your house is, I guarantee that you will find something that you love at Nostalgic. Its impossible to not fall into their world!

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